What exactly is our system?

Our system focuses on three key priorities for our users.


What is the point of a system no one can use? We ensure our system is simple and easy to use for all users.

Peace of Mind

Our system ensures families feel safe by guaranteeing that only wanted visitors are allowed into a community.

Incident Tracking

By tracking incidents within the system, secuirty personel can relate community data insights in the investigation.

Simple yet powerful mobile control.

Our mobile app ensures that interfacing with our system is convenient and easy. Ensuring the tools to manage guests are on the resident at all times results in higher usage of the system leading to enhanced control.

Our incident tracking tools make it even easier to get to the bottom of things.

Information gathering and data are essential in carrying out an investigation or when reporting an incident. Tools have been built into the software suite to make it easier to track ongoing investigations or simply to file reports for incidents that may have occured. All of this data is easily accessable and stored in one place.

Comprehensive control panel for community management.

Inspired by modern UI design, we provide community leaders with the tools they need to fully manage residents and guests while ensuring it is simple enough to keep these lists up to date.

Data driven insights.

Keep track of incidents and movement volumes within a community. Presenting monthly data in a visual manner will help community leaders understand community trends. These insights can be acted on by community leaders.

Who are we?

We are a team of four based out of Kingston Ontario.

Isabela Dominguez

Isabela Dominguez is third year computer engineering in the innovation stream student at Queen's University with four years of programming background. She has a variety of knowledge in Java, C, Unity, Swift, and MATLAB. She won first place in QHacks in 2017.

Naveta Padda

Naveta Padda is a third year Applied Mathematics and Engineering student specializing in computing and communications. Naveta has two years of programming experience and brings her background in marketing and number analytics to the team.

Alex McKinnon

Alex McKinnon is a third year computer engineering student with four years of programming experience. Alex brings to the team his knowledge of the Swift Programming language and his background in system administration.

Ayrton Foster

Ayrton Foster is a third year ECEi computer engineering student at Queen's University with 5 years of programming experience, He is knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with experiance in backend website development.

Contact us

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